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Hospital Cleaning St Kilda
Hospital Cleaning St Kilda
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Medical and healthcare facilities require highest level of cleanliness and sanitization. We have highly qualified and experienced hospital cleaning teams, ready to live up to your expectations. Our team is designed with the highest standards of hygiene and infection control.
We provide qualitative and pocket friendly cleaning services in the healthcare industry. Patient safety and disinfecting being the major challenges in our healthcare environment, we don’t compromise with the cleanliness of your healthcare facilities and environment. 
Developing policies for appropriate cleaning techniques: procedures, materials used, etc. for each type of room, from highly contaminated to the most clean areas and ensuring that these practices are followed; giving appropriate training for every staff from various department, both initially and periodically to assess competencies are maintained and when a new technique, product or piece of equipment are introduced; Establishing methods for the cleaning and disinfecting the patient’s bed, mattress and pillow.
This program should stress upon personal hygiene, the importance of frequent and careful washing of hand, and cleaning methods e.g., use of proper equipment, dilution of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, etc.